Off grid log cabin Ecoflow Delta grounding ?


New Member
Sep 1, 2021
I have a small log cabin that is off grid. The cabin is wired with (3) separate120V outlets and a ceiling fan with a light. When I bought the cabin, it had a 120V cord coming out from a junction box on the back of the cabin that the PO must have used to plug in a generator. The (3) outlets are on one circuit and the ceiling fan / light is on another. I have re-arraigned the junction box setup so that the plug is on the inside of the cabin and am using a Ecoflow Delta to power the ceiling fan / light and whatever might get plugged into the (3) outlets. I know the Ecoflow is more expensive than building a stand alone system, but I don't need a lot of power and although the prepackaged Ecoflow system is more expensive and less efficient, it is clean and simple and allows me to easily take it with me if I need power somewhere else when not in the cabin. The Ecoflow is charged by a couple 100W panels on the roof.

I am considering installing a small AC breaker panel with a couple of 15 amp circuit breakers that would protect the fan and outlet circuits. The breaker panel would just be powered by a 120V cord that would plug into the Ecoflow. Also then I am wondering if I should run a wire from a ground rod to the breaker panel to ground the outlets ?

Any advise on the would be greatly appreciated.