diy solar

diy solar

Off Grid Solar backup / Tesla Trickle charger.


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Sep 10, 2021
I recently put together a system (see image) that has 5Kw of storage. It has been working dehumidifying the garage. The inputs and outputs to the Growatt inverter is a heavy duty extension cord I cut in half.

When I plug in the Tesla mobile charger , I get a flashing T. This means the following:

One (1) red blink means that there was a ground fault circuit interruption due to an unsafe current path. What to do: Inspect the handle, cable, Wall Connector, and vehicle charge port for damage or signs of water ingress. ... The Ground connection must be bonded in the upstream power supply for proper operation.

Is it because the dolly isn't properly grounded?


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Hi. I did a similar project - small solar rig to trickle charge my Tesla. Here's an overview

I ran into the same grounding issue that you describe above. You have to ground the AC output from your inverter to the chassis, then ground the chassis to an Earth ground. Here's how it works in a Victron Phoenix 1200

diy solar

diy solar