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I think it's buyer beware with products from Shun Bin. Most of what I've seen on here relates to their fully assembled battery packs, but there's some feedback on cells.

Some people seem very happy with the company and their products. See:
  • This post about someone with a 12V 500Ah packs
  • This post about someone with two 400Ah packs
Others are not as pleased with the company and their products/tactics. See:
  • This post with an old battery with a hole in it sold as new
  • This post and this one with potentially used cells sold as new in a battery pack with exaggerated capacity
  • In several cases Shun Bin has offered partial or full refunds in exchange for removing negative reviews off Amazon.
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I’m not buying just passing this on.

After all the deception and BS with Ruixu and ever changing Rachel stories I’m pretty gun shy of most of them.
Glad we have many knowledgeable honest forum members, DIY founder and strict but wise tester to keep us on top of things.🤙
This forum has gone international and the shyster venders are being outed.