Ongoing Solar Pump Saga


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Back in March I purchased a Shiyuan SPDC24V solar pump from pump supermarket. I installed it in April and it worked for about three days and it quit. I contacted Armin at pump supermarket and he said to ship it back and they would do the warranty. They said that once warranty was validated, they would send replacement. Well, I didn't want to wait a month with no water so I ordered a new one after they told me that was the only way to get it right away and to not worry, they will stand behind it. The second pump ran for about a week and then it quit as well. I fought and fought with them and they didn't want to do anything, finally after getting my CC company involved I finally got my money back. I still have the second pump. Since they didn't want it back I took it apart and I can see right away the issues, the motor was full of water. The O ring seal wasn't done right and was crimped, so it just flooded the motor. I cleaned it up and it works, but I haven't tried it under water as I am pondering how to make sure it's really sealed.

The other thing that worries me is that I don't see where you can get parts for these, I don't want to go to all the work of putting it back in only to have it fail.