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OOL - what is the cheapest LiFePO4 12V 100Ah battery you'd recommend to a family member


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Jul 3, 2020
OOL = out of the loop...

I've been using my 3 x 100Ah bank for years now without a thought as there have been no problems. But I want to add 2 more batteries to bring the bank to 500Ah total.

It's for a camper and so it's not high usage. I'm fine with using no-name or lesser-brand stuff.

What is the cheapest battery commonly available in North America that you'd be comfortable recommending to a good friend or family member?
While there may be cheaper ones, I really like the Vestwood for about $209.00. Has Bluetooth and low temp cutoff.
I bought a DJLBERMPW brand on Amazon for $168 and it works fine.

Completely ridiculous name though.

The rumor is that they couldn’t come up with a name for the company, then a cat walked across the keyboard and they said screw it, that’s the company name. 😎

One of the teardowns from YT :

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I have had no issues with a couple of DC House 12 volt 100 ah. I also have Ampere Time 24 volt, 200ah that have been perfect.
Another satisfied Vatrer user, 2 100ah with low temp. No BT.
I've got 2 of the Group 24's with BT coming to replace the house batteries in my dad's new 24 footer. If my experience with my other two and Will's latest teardown don't make me happy, well then I'm just my ex-wife. 😁
Temu...Wattcycle, 100ah 12v, GP 24, Low temp protection no BT. $162.00
I've seen 2 positive reviews but no Will style teardown.
I’d be careful with the newer and cheaper versions. I’ve been finding sellers slapping a well reviewed label on other products to meet the demand of people wanting to buy them. I vaguely recall some of Will‘s videos where the original teardown looked good and a later teardown looked abysmal.
I have 3 Lisuateli 100Ah LiFePO4s with Bluetooth. First one was $190 + $40 shipping. Last one I received a couple weeks ago was $145 and $40 shipping. They all work great and the BMS does an excellent job of keeping the cells in balance. From what I can gather Lisuateli, Feence, Elefast and probably others are the same company. For sure Feence as I purchased the last battery through the Feence store. Prob going to pick up a 4th so when I eventually convert from 12V to 48V I'll have batteries mfg'd around the same time with similar cycles.
Make sure you get Bluetooth- and low temperature protection- both are must have’s- seven if it costs more!

Do you love these people, or are they bothersome relatives you would prefer to avoid, but are bothering you because the family loudmouth said, "Hey! Ample has Lithium! You should ask him!" ?
You are the Forum's alphabet soup king. Please tell me you have a 12V version of your WZRELB inverter to use with the DJLBERMPW battery...

(off topic but I couldn't help myself)

Sorry, my WZRELB 3kW inverter is 48V nominal. ☹️

But it does look good sitting next to the DJLBERMPW battery in my off grid ham station where I run both 48V and 12V nominal systems. 😎

I do enjoy the crazy chinese names 🤪.