Optimizing MPPT controllers for fast recovery from collapses


Solar Addict
Apr 29, 2020
Hi, did someone fine tune the PID parameters of the MPTT controller, trying to tease the best out of it?
I am currently experimenting with it.
I can get recovery from a collapse in 20 seconds, it works well with the panel completely cloud shaded at 10% Pmax and with the panel fully irradiated (at 80% Pmax)
The only problem is with the panel being partially shaded with half the cells bringing full power and the shaded half being protected by its bypass diodes.
Then the PID controller gets instable.
By the way that happens not only with my DIY controller: also a commercial MPPT GTI gets unstable under these conditions.

Has someone got experience and know strategies how to detect and deal with these conditions?
Increasing the panel voltage fixes the instability, halving the panel voltage also...