Ordered/Received 52 280Ah EVE cells from Amy - Wonderful experience!


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Jan 3, 2021
260' deep to a 50 gallon pressure tank @ 52PSI then 75' to house. The wellhead & pressure tank are combined with the powerhouse.
Thanks, mine is around 100 feet in a 200 foot deep well. I have a pressure tank in the house.


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Sep 26, 2021
This was an excellent experience working with Amy. She always provided timely updates and answered many questions for me along the process. She sent me the link to the cell report which I downloaded and saved locally. She sent me the FedEx tracking label information. She got answers from EVE for me about the QR code decoding. All cells were manufactured in either February or March of 2021 so all were brand new as promised. They arrived boxed very well except for one box had been dropped by the shipper. One corner of one cell had slight damage so I am currently load testing it to make sure it does not have internal damage. I took pictures and posted them to Amy on the Alibaba messenger app, which works very well for communicating with her. There was a short delay in shipping because there were not enough cells in stock for my order.

Summarized Timeline
  • March 26, 2021 - Requested quote from Amy and received the quote back the same day
  • March 30 - Payment sent
  • April 20 - Order shipped
  • June 23 - Delivered by FedEx to my house
I am building three 48v batteries with 16 cells in series using an Overkill Solar BMS for each battery (16s). I purchased an additional four cells to have as spares and quite frankly because I wanted to play with them for different projects so, of course, I needed a 12v 4s BMS for these as well. After pre-charging and top-balancing the cells I made my compression cases out of 1/2 inch plywood glued, pin-nailed then counter sunk each corner with two square-head wood screws. I received some unused plexiglass sheets that I cut to size for the top. So far, I have two of the 48v batteries in service with an ANL fuse and quick-disconnect switch on each battery case. I included a couple of pictures for reference. Still have some tasks, like tape down the balance wires and replace my original 2/0 battery cables with more flexible cable from WindyNation (Amazon) to make everything more pretty but they are working well.

Many thanks to Will and so many others with good information and videos and links to pieces and parts needed to make this project a success!

More later.

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Which Amy? There are currently several!


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Aug 18, 2021
Which Amy? There are currently several!
Since there were some reactions from @Steve_S I assume Amy Wan is meant here: https://szluyuan.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.shop_index.88.16.6d601a4dXXSHKf
She is also known on the forum: @Amy Wan (Luyuan)

It appears to be a very popular name among Chinese to choose (at least focussed on the US market), which doesn't help provide clarity when everybody references `Amy` as being the one and only here.

Personally I would prefer if they use their own/real name... but that is me ;)