Panel wires hanging down


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Hi its been a year since i mounted my Canadian solar 325 watt panels on my roof
The panels came with a positive cable on one end and a negative on the other, not together
The cable on opposite end of the micro inverter is not long enough to attach to the side of the panel and reach the micro inverter
So i used gorilla tape to hold them up, after a year the tape is failing and the wires are hanging down.
Has anybody dealt with these panels?
How did you deal with the wires?


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I use black zip ties on every thing , they last a long time even in the sun .
I don’t use those panels but every thing runs along my solar mount and then into galvanized conduit .


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I guess I should have been clearer, I taped the cable to the bottom of the solar panels
Because the one cable at the other end of the panel isn't long enough to clip to the sides of the solar panel and reach the micro inverter
so i taped it to the underside of the panels in the center.
I used clips and ties to mount the main cables to the iron ridge rails.