Panels in stages


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Mar 30, 2023
Western NY
Setting up 42 panels for my Sol-Ark 15. I'm installing 14 each on 3 different roofs. Each roof will have 2 strings of 7. The Sol-Ark has 3 mppts, each one can take 2 strings, so when all done, each mppt will be a roof.
I'm only likely to get one roof of panels up until either late this year or early next year. Until I get those 2 additional sets of panels up, am I better off putting one string each on 2 mppts, or, is that a bad idea, or does it not matter?
You might get slightly more energy production by using two separate MPPT’s for the two strings. A little more if there’s shading, maybe none if there’s no shade.
If it would be a lot of extra work, the gains may not be worth having to rewire it in the future.
EDIT: corrected typo “rewire”.
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Don’t overthink things.

Just leverage your time to get installed as quickly as possible. Maybe hire someone for a day and install two roofs worth.