Parallel battery bank with LiFePO4 and LiIon - Possible solutions?


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Oct 2, 2021
The current setup:
Victron Multiplus II Inverter Charger 24v
Victron MPPT (one being used, another one is a spare 100/30, 75/15 (800W, 40v, 20A for PV)
200aH LiFePO4 battery with JBD BMS
100aH LiFePO4 battery with JBD BMS

Both batteries are connected to feeder Busbar with equal length cables (and there seems to be enough consensus that this arrangement should work)

Now I’m getting a 108aH LiIon 7s pack (Daly BMS) with separate charge/discharge leads (harvesting cells from a 48v pack)

1- Add the LiIon pack to the Busbar (understanding that discharge curves are different and charging pack through charging lead with a spare 24v charger whiled the other batteries get recharged by the victron unit
2- Feed the PV input of the spare MPPT with the LiIon pack output
3- Feed the PV input of the spare MPPT with the original 48v pack (I already have a charger for this pack as well

Seems to me all 3 solutions have a chance of working but I’m hoping smarter people can help this noob not blow my system up.


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Oct 29, 2019
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Save yourself a lot of grief & expense, you are already LFP (LiFePo4) it is best to stick with the One Chemistry as the Charge/Discharge is not identical. Keep It Sweet & Simple is "ALWAYS" best. Always consider the consequences of choices BEFORE making a set decision.