Please critique my electrical diagram (12v | 3.6-4.8kw bank | 2kw inverter | DC-DC charging)


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Feb 25, 2021
let me know if you find a 12v TV! usually they are all 120v with internal transformers unless you want to tear into one.
Theres some LED monitors that have external transformers that are 12-19V. I want to get a 12V 42" tv but may be stuck with going 120v, they are about 60-80watt draw.
Jensen 40":

12v tvs are plentiful in 24" and smaller however larger sizes are rare. Its hard to discern from online specs what the native voltage is of those that come with power bricks, like I believe this one:

Which says "included power supply, 120v".

Some will be 12v others are 19v, like the LG projector I put in my honda odyssey. I wanted 12v but settled for using the 19v adaptor as the projector otherwise fit my needs best. It takes up the space of a book but I hang a poster board behind the front seats and get a bright sharp 45" picture, and can run on its internal battery for 90 minutes.

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Sep 20, 2019
What software and picture library did you use to construct that diagram? It looks great

I have been looking into what is available. Prefer linux based, but I can boot windoze as a pet in a VM