Ponoser (Daly knock off) 200a BMS


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Apr 28, 2022
Hello, getting ready to set up an 280a8s 2p battery bank. Reading around I saw that these 2 BMS are a Mgod Daly knock off (200a) , that's probably fine for my needs. Haven't finished collecting parts for my scavenger hunt yet, but close. This BMS uses the Daly Smart BMS App.

Couple questions after reading play store reviews:;

1. Will this app recognize that I have 2 identical BMS's?

2. Is this app better than it was last year? Sounds like it's was bad...

3. When I finally hook up system, will I have to jump start BMS with 5-8V to turn on?

4. Is there another app that's Better that will work that I should use instead?

Also Not real happy about the Need for my Location.. that's just"Un-Cool)

Thanks much everyone, Porterbuilt1


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