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Post Make/Model of your dry-contact auto starting generator


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Jun 16, 2023
Old Fort, NC
For anyone who has successfully wired up a generator to auto start using the dry contacts on their inverter, would you mind listing the:

1. Generator Make
2. Generator Model
3. Make/model of any add-on required to make auto start work

I’ve read so many threads here on this topic, but it seems 99.999% don’t mention the make and model of the generator. Tons of folks saying it “should be easy with…”, etc, but haven’t found any posts explicitly saying, “I’ve successfully wired for auto start using this [make/model] generator.”

Apologies if I’ve somehow missed the thread that already addresses make/model of generators for auto start.

My goal is to order a portable generator to use with my Chargeverter / EG4 6000exs —one that someone else has successfully wired for auto start. The only portable generators I see with 2-wire start out of the box are located in Australia, not the US.

Thanks for reading.
Here are the instructions to convert various Generac standby generators to 2 wire start.


  • 2 wire start instructions.pdf
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