Power off switch activation


Aspiring apprentice
Feb 25, 2021
OK. Have a situation where I would like a switch that stays closed or on when there is power and opens when the power goes out. This for the first phase of a two phase process I am considering. Basically once the power goes out I would like a low voltage switch to be opened or essentially turned off.

Any ideas.
My guess is DC. The Victron Multiplus has the option of plugging in a control panel in module "H". I have not been able to find a voltage for this. However when I went to the Victron forum this can be used as an on off switch method without the control panel. I am hoping to use the power outage to activate this switch. Wish I knew more. This is a new pursuit.
Actually in rereading the forum response I can get this by simply inserting a 3 pole switch. Since I am only interested in 2 of these poles, I would simply need a switch that could be turned on and off so my guess that voltage would not be considered here.

So when the power goes off, it would trigger a remote switch that would turn off.