Problems with system integration with new LiFePO4 batteries in an RV....


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Dec 6, 2019
Southern Arizona
Howdy All,

It's Murph here and I have just upgraded from a 24v AGM battery stack (8 AGMS @ 100ah each) to a 16-cell stack made up of 280ah LiFePO4 cells. I am using (2) Daly 150amp BMS units for control.

I am having trouble integrating the upgraded system, and can't get the batteries to top-off.

I am using a 4000w AIMS 24v Inverter/Charger and it is set up for Li-Ion. I am in contact with AIMS as this alone should take the stack to 28.8 v

The solar array is made up of (8) Trina 275w Solar Panels and feed into a MDT MPPT Controller. I have never had a problem with this controller and it too is set for 28.8v and for Li-Ion.

I can't image both are incapable of charging this stack to 28.8v and I am unable to get it above 26.7

SO... I am inexorably led to the DALY 150amp BMS units. I am including screenshots of the BMS settings, and an image of the my monitor. I have checked with a multimeter and all are correct +/- within 2-3/100ths of a volt.

Ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

I replaced this:

With this:


Here are the BMS settings:

Protection Parameters Screen 1

Cell Volt High Protect: 3.65v
Cell Volt Low: 2.22v
Sum Volt High Protect: 28.80v
Sum Low Volt Protect: 17.70v
Diff Volt Protect: 0.080v D
Charge Overcurrent Protect: 225a D
Discharge Overcurrent Protect: 225a D

Cell Charactteristics Screen 2

Type of Battery: LiFePO4
Rated Capacity: 280.0nah
Cell Reference Volt: 3.2v
Sleep Waiting Time: 3600s D
SOC Set: 39%
Balanced Open Start Voltage: 3.310v
Balanced Open Diff Voltage: 0.050v

Collect Board Settings Screen 3

Collect Boards Num: 1
Board 1 Cell Num: 8
Board 2 Cell Num:
Board 3 Cell Num:
Board 1 Temp Num: 1
Board 2 Temp Num:
Board 3 Temp Num:

Temp Protect Settings Screen 4

High Temp Protect: 65C
Chg Low Temp Protect: 10C
Discharge High Temp Protect: 70C
Discharge Low Temp Protect: 0C
Diff Temp protect: 15C
MOS Temp Protect: 47C



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Oct 26, 2021
How long did it take you to top balance your cells?

I don't see any settings screens.

When you see 26.7V, do you still see charge current flowing into the batteries?
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Oct 13, 2021
You need to change the per cell voltage to 3.5v in the BMS. Absolute max voltage per cell recommendation seems to be 3.65v


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Aug 1, 2020
Akron, OH
Did you top balance your cells to 3.60 or 3.65 and then hook up the BMS and set the capacity to 100%? It took me a long time to fully top balance to 3.65, but once I did, the BMS was really happy and allowed me to charge fully. I use the Victron defaults of 28.4V absorption, 1hr absorption delay (to promote balancing) and 27v float. Seems to work great. Until I properly top balanced, I always had that one cell that ramped up way faster.