Programming SOK 206AH lithium battery with MT50


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As anyone successfully input the SOK parameters into the epever 40 amp solar charge controller (using the MT50)? I received the instructions from SOK, and several changes give a "param error" message. These are what I received:

How to set on EPEVER Solar Charge Controller

Select the “User” battery type.
Press the “ENTER” button and hold 5s under the battery voltage interface.
Press the “SELECT” button when the battery type interface is flashing.
Press the “ENTER” button to confirm the battery type.
Over Voltage Disconnect 14.7 V
Charging Limit Voltage 14.6 V
Over Voltage Reconnect 14.6 V
Equalize Charging Voltage shut off or 14.4 V
Boost Charging Voltage 14.6 V
Float Charging Voltage 13.6 V
Boost Reconnect 13.3 V
Low Voltage Reconnect 10
Under Voltage Warning Reconnect Voltage 11.5
Under Voltage Warning 11.5
Low Voltage Disconnect 11.0
Discharging Limit Voltage 10.5
Equalize Duration 0
Boost Duration 180 minutes

Hopefully, someone out there has overcome this problem.


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See here :

Those settings should be fine for SOK.
I actually found this video last night and matched the changes (there are only a few). I am a little confused why SOK requires so many parameter changes that are not necessary?