PV cycling wattage to LV6548


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Jan 10, 2023
Gilbert, Arizona
I have been trying to find a solution to why the PV array keeps cycling the wattage to an LV6548. The Inverter will read 1.6kW from PV, then drops to 203W, Fault led comes on, battery icon flashes, warning states "battery low" for a few seconds. The wattage climbs back up, the warnings stop and resumes normal operation...then it repeats. The odd thing is when the PV is disconnected the LV6548 operates normally. This is a solar only system. Checked setting and it seems correct for the operation and charging. I have reached out to MPP Solar support but not forth coming as of yet. Any ideas?
Get out the multimeter and check the voltage coming in from PV under load. If it is over 250V, the SCC is shutting down due to overvoltage. If voltage drops out under load, then you have an intermittent connection.

If voltage doesn't drop out and open circuit voltage is under 250V, then the SCC may have failed.

What are you using for panels and how are strings arranged?