PV stripper and 8awg crimper, success!


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I’m a big fan of tools that just work, and using a razor blade for the thick insulation on PV wire wasn’t an option.

i came across these tools from Rennsteig (I love me some good German tools) and just tested them for the first time today and they’re perfect!

The stripper is specifically for 8/10/12awg wire and cuts through thick/tough insulation very well! Has an adjustable depth gauge for stripping the right amount off. Very very happy with this.

then onto the crimper, I needed a good MC4 crimp tool for 8awg wire/connectors. The handles are similar style to other ratcheting die crimp tools, the die I chose is specifically for open style 10/12awg (your typical style) MC4 connectors but then for closed barrel style 8awg MC4 connectors. The crimp is solid and perfect! I went back and forth on getting the crimp tool as I have some good crimp tools for your typical lug crimps and these aren’t cheap, but I wanted to know I had a good crimp and not have to second guess it.

so for me, it was worth it.


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Nice! How expensive are they? From Amazon?
They were $125 for the stripper and $330 for the crimp tool with die.

both the stripper and the crimp handles both have quite the multitude of dies to choose from depending on your specific needs and a lot of solar specific options as well.
Links below where I purchased mine from, very knowledgeable guys, fast shipping too. I called them a few times to talk options and I had a really great experience.