Q: 2 Inverter parallel configuration with 2 PV string/array


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May 9, 2022
I'm in progress with building hybrid ( not selling/sending to utility ) envirement for home use.
Already most of the things are ordered

2x Growatt 5kw with wifi dongles ( Single Phase 220v used in Europe )
16x 450w (50vdc max) pannels - 8 east facing / 8 west facing ( this is what i can do )
16x 202ah battery ( for 48v pack ) 1 battery pack for both.

Have questions about communication connection

What is the best way to proceed

I want to parallel both inverters , so i can combain 10kw power ( this is the easy part )

But how to connect the PV ?

Each string to each inverter or to combain the strings ( in series ) and connect as 1 to 1st, or to 1st and 2nd inverter, or to connect each string to each inverter ?

Does the MAX MPPT VDC ( 450vdc on each , so 450+450 = 900vdc ) increase if the inverters are connected in parallel ?

If i want to add additional panels in future to each string how to proceed with the MPPT MAX and to keep the 10kw inverter parallel ?
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Nov 22, 2019
If the two inverters are charging one battery bank, it would be best to connect one string to each of the two inverters. No on the 900v, the max input is always be just what is stated on the specifications. If the inverters have two different MPPT chargers per inverter, then you can leave one of the MPPTs on each unit open for future expansion. Or you can parallel strings to get the amps up if you are still be low rated charging amps.