Question About LTO Cells

No argument with any of that. My full 48V-nominal 200Ah LiFePO4 pack will be in a case with a 150A breaker just off the positive output, before it makes it to the outside of the case. This setup is less 'final' in that respect. More of a step along the way. I took this picture just before heading out on the water:


There you can see the fuseholder in the center of that picture. It's a couple of inches off of the positive output of what ends up being a 48V pack (half LiFePO4 and half LTO). But your point is valid regarding the interconnecting wires between the parts of the pack (2AWG in this case). Any short between those wires will likely destroy their insulation and possibly ignite whatever they may come in contact with. This setup is highly experimental, nowhere near permanent, and it's back apart now.

This was the first outing with the larger motor. I think it's closer to 10mph . . . hull-speed limits are setting in. Hits 5mph with a 12-volt trolling motor.

Going through the videos now . . . will post something representative soon.
That is great. Beats the heck out of rowing.
My wife and I went on a kayak tour and enjoyed it a lot. No motors though.

I knew 20 mph was faster than you could go with a trolling motor. But I bet you could still beat the incredible hulk rowing. lol

I read there is a large fine around here for using a motorized kayak without the proper registration.
Hi! Does anyone know what is the M12 thread pitch of the yinlong LTO 61660 cells?