Question about new cell testing


Solar Enthusiast
Sep 11, 2021
Hi everyone! New here, but have been doing some research into this area for a little while now.

I want to pick up a 12v set of LiFePO4 batteries to learn with. From what I have seen, it can be hit or miss with quality, so testing on delivery looks to be critical.

My question is, what is the best combination of equipment to determine if I have received the rated capacity on cells? I know I will need a charger, and some type of load tester to determine watt hours. I think an Overkill BMS would be the way to go for protection so that should be easy enough. What do you all recommend for charging and top balancing and load testing of 280Ah cells? 12V chargers seem very expensive, and the commonly used integrated battery load tester seems to be lacking on current draw.

I currently have a bench power supply capable of 3A output (5A possible with tweaks). But everything else I would need to acquire before ordering cells.

Thanks for your time everyone!