Questions about a DIY 12v lifepo4 battery using battery hookup 32650 modules


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I am strongly considering building my first 100ah battery with these modules from battery hookup.

I have a few questions:
  1. Because these are pre-built modules with leads, am I wrong in assuming I can treat them as if they were prismatic cells. (i.e. the positive and negative wires are equivalent to the positive and negative wires on a prismatic cell)? Basically, am I correct in assuming I can hook up a 100A 4S BMS as shown on Will's site here:
  2. For the most part, this seems pretty easy. Top balancing the cells seems straight forward. Installing the BMS seems easy... What are the main gotchas or easy ways to go wrong here?
  3. My main concern is safety: What are you main safety tips when working with these cells? What things should I do / not do to keep myself safe when doing this?


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Been looking at those as well.

Never soldered so I'm a bit gun shy to dive into the deep end as these will be used as the house batteries in my RV. Saving some $$ is always nice but the ability to send a unit back to a vendor like Battle Born is also appealing.

Tough call