Rackmount Batteries


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Mar 21, 2021
New Mexico
I'd like to build a 24V, ~5kWh, 200Ah system housed in a 19" rack. I'm fairly new to solar, and the only rack mount batteries I've found are the Gyll line by Signature Solar. Are there other quality 24V, 200Ah batteries in a 19" rack mount form factor? Thank you.
Sorry no.... the Kilovault HLX's are 6.7" wide, you could set two on a shelf? Not pretty, but definitely quality.
The 'poor-mans' version is a strong rack shelf with 24V X 200Ah worth of non-rack-mounted battery and secure them somehow.

(Ah I see svetz already brought up the shelf idea. So I'm just adding the securing part.)

An LiFePO4 bank that size will come to at least 70 pounds, and need at least 1,000 cubic inches. 2U isn't quite enough unless you go deep (20"+).

The need for a strong rack shelf can be reduced by locating the batteries on the bottom of the rack enclosure. I've done this several times.