Radial “fixed” array ?


Solar Enthusiast
Mar 1, 2022
Hi adding a battery monitor to the system has been useful with the phone as a handheld and after watching the panel output power I think I want to experiment with a radial or curved array where basically I tilt the outer row maybe by 2” to anticipate the rising sun a tad. Out of the 8 panels in 4x2 I would be tilting two east and two west. Any info out there about results? Seems subtle enough to be useful. Have to re mount anyway for maintenance so the small return fo labor is a non issue. Moveable panels not an option. Thanks guys


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Nov 16, 2019
Do keep in mind that all panels in a series string must face the same direction. So if you want 2 to face one direction and 2 others to face a different direction then your 8 panels must be wired in 2S4P (or 8P). If your panels are wired in 8S or 4S2P then you must rewire them to support the multiple directions.

Pointing panels in different directions is best done if you are over paneled enough that the different directions allow you to max out the SCC for a longer stretch of the day.