RaspBerryPi 4B Cases that support HDD/SSD (NEW DeskPi-Pro), [! BAD DEAL !]


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I have been exchanging emails with 'Sales', and personally don't really have the time, or the inclination, to look for alternatives!

My original order, which only included payment for their 'standard' shipping was delivered within eight days, without any additional duty charges, so I am quite happy to give them until March to sort things out, and will wait and see what turns up then!


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This has now been posted on the deskpi.com website, so I hope they won't mind me showing it again on here:


Everyone, we do apologize for not bringing a good user experience at the first batch of DeskPi Pro. For the quicker

shipment of the pre-sale orders, we ignored your needs on the DeskPi function.

To completely solve the problem, we will re-send the re-modified PCB board for all the customers who received the

DeskPi Pro product. Our sales staff will contact you according to the order time.For some not shipped orders, we will

contact you and adopt your ideas.

Considering R&D and mass production, the holiday on the Chinese Spring Festival, the new version PCB board will

be shipped to you at the middle of March 2021.

And we will strengthen management in design and mass production to avoid such problems. Thanks again for your

trust, especially the first batch of customers, you are very important to us!

In the later R&D, we are looking forward to your suggestion and supervision, and continue to create higher quality

Raspberry Pi product and provide better customer services!

I know the middle of March seems a long way off now, but I am happy to wait until then, and see what turns up!


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I escalated my Paypal claim yesterday. They never responded to the original paypal inquiry. I stated that I wanted a refund and was not willing to pay return shipping if they wanted it back - but if they cover shipping, I will ship it. If the next batch looks like it works better, I will likely order one then.

Waiting to see the result of the Paypal claim...


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I received that above message via email.
They did refund me, so I doubt they'll send anything to me.

BTW, the Raspi with the fan from the deskpi, fit's into a HiPi case or a case with an extender.


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I see that the Home Page of deskipi.com is now showing the DeskPi Pro as "Preorder", so it does sound as if they are serious about making a "proper" working replacement, which I will be following closely!


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Just an update... I received my refund from Paypal this afternoon for my claim/dispute. I can't tell from the case history if the seller ever responded to the emails, but it doesn't appear that they did.

So I will be keeping an eye out for other options for a fully integrated SSD housing for the Pi4. If the upgraded version gets good feedback I would probably buy another (or the Argon M.2 if that ever gets some reviews). Thanks all for your input and feedback!