Rate my setup please! (Mark II)


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Apr 9, 2022
Hey all, I'm back!

I'm converting a Ram Promaster into a campervan with a solar setup, and looking for some input on my latest wiring diagram.

After getting some great feedback from MisterSandals, rmaddy, and FilterGuy, I've revamped my wiring diagram from THIS thread. (See that thread for the components I'm using - obviously you don't have to read the whole thing, but the first post will tell you the big pieces.)

Things that are different:

1) I beefed up the wiring from the DC-DC charger to match manufacturer recommendations - they are now 8AWG for the run.
2) Using a 15a inline fuse between PV and SCC, and using a 30a inline fuse between SCC and battery. I know some folks are saying that I should go with a 40a fuse, but I'm following manufacturer recommendations again (and I'll post a screenshot of the manual I'm basing this decision off of).
3) I redirected everything from my initial diagram to run straight into the bus bars - my current plan is to have the DC-DC charger and main battery input share a stud, and use the remaining three studs for the PV, the inverter, and the 12v fuse block, respectively.
4) I've included a 150a circuit breaker in the positive line before the positive bus bar as a main fuse - this seemed a good option to me as it offered an emergency disconnect option as well.
5) There is also a 125a ANL fuse planned between the inverter and the battery.
6) I included my plans to use a fuse tap to run my d+ wire.
7) I also included my plans to run my vent fan, led lights, and some 12v socket plugs off of 18AWG duplex wiring.

For those who don't want to read the previous thread (fair enough), I am aware that the 2AWG wire is massive overkill, I just happen to have a lot of it from the previous owners of the van.

Feedback appreciated!

(Edited as I'd accidentally uploaded an unfinished diagram)


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