Real demo of a Magnus effect vertical axis wind turbine


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Mar 16, 2021
Interesting..... but it seems pretty complicated and inefficient.
I think efficiency can be improved in the following ways
  1. increase the efficiency of the rotor,
    • Increase aspect ratio (slim and long) to improve lift-drag ratio.
  2. reduce the energy consumption of the motor
    • Reduce the mass of the rotor to make the inertia lighter
    • Recycle the energy when the motor decelerates and reuse it


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Oct 6, 2021
-5m altitude from sea level
The problem with VAWT's is that they need a large swept area to become remotely cost effective. In the sense that making it, and improving on it over time will be offset by the power that it actually generates.
Not to mention all wind turbines, wheter HAWT, or VAWT need a huge generator to keep rpm's down as we really do not want one of the blades play lawn dart (I miss you @Porch ) and kill the local wild life.

I can tell you more but I get the sense you are here only promoting something. Based on your activity. I'll apologize upfront if that is not the case but you'll have to demonstrate a bit more commitment and also non commercial interest in my taste in order to be able to pick my brain.

You could also follow my threads though. As all is open source eventually. Please go ahead.
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