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reasonable Depth of Discharge on SOK SK48V100?


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Jul 14, 2023
Planet X
Going thru the manuals and search engines, I did not see anything about DoD for the SK48V100. Maybe I missed it. I found this on a website:

Extended Cycle Life:
The SK48V100 offers impressive longevity and reliability with high-capacity cells that retain 80% capacity after 4000 cycles. That is even at a 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) with a 1C rate.

In my ignorance, 100% DoD sounds pretty severe. What DoD should we set for good long term performance?

Also, I read that a correctly sized system should not cycle the batteries every day. Is this correct? If yes, how often should the batteries be fully charged?
20-80% range is where you want to be. Calendar aging will kill them long before you can do the design cycles. Cycles them every day if it works for you but most don't. My battery does 100 cycles per year. It will never see the design life cycles. Design cycles are quoted at 25DegC. My batteries have been at circa 31degC for the last 3 months. Running them in cold weather will similarly reduce their life so don't worry about cycles