Reboot of CC everyday to get back to proper charge rate


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I'm finding almost every day I have to perform a reboot of my two charge controllers to get them to charge at a higher rate. Sun is out, batteries have room, but just charging at a couple of amps each until I disconnect the panels then disconnect the CC from the battery and the reconnect battery and then reconnect panels.

The array consists of 15 x 250 watt panels, 9 go to one 80 amp Epever Tracer AN (3 in series, 3 in parallel) then 6 going to another 80amp Tacer AN, also 3x2. The CC are properly named Num1 and Num2 with the parallel module included.
It's all charging an 1110 AH battery bank, 12 Trojan Lead Acid 6 v, 4 x 3 configuration for 24v.

Works fine all day, next morning it does charge, but need the reboot to realize full potential.