Recommendation for: Inverter 48 V DC to 240 V AC Split Phase with Neutral for Water Heat Pump

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Nov 28, 2019
I try to find a 48 V DC Inverter to run a 240 V Water Heat Pump in the US.

- I cannot find too much information about Water Heat Pump compressor consumption.

The information I can find mentioned the 5 kW resistance heating element​
used for fast water heating, something I will not use, at least using solar energy.​

I am assuming that the compressor is more or less the size of a refrigerator compressor, so about 1 kW?​

- I just think that I would need a 5 kW 48 V to 240 V AC Inverter, because of the In-Rush current?

- Should I need getting a low frequency Inverter, which would be very heavy and pricey,
or a more typical high frequency Inverter (1 kHz ? ) to run the Water Heat Pump compressor?

From the above observations, what Inverter would you recommend getting?

Note: Something I am concerned is the idle consumption of the Inverter,
so I would like to find an Inverter which can be shut down remotely using a relay.
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May 3, 2020
Kenwood, California
MY Rheem HPWHs did not have much surge for startup. I only ran them in heat pump mode and they took about one kW. There is no surge for a resistive element that I know of.
My Outback Skybox works for me. Your decision should be based on your overall loads and how much solar capacity you need. My Skybox can have between 100-300 Watts of overhead but that is insignificant in turns of the value it brings me in cost savings. My daily consumption varies.
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