Recommended vendors for GTIL inverters?

I agree a battery should be balanced prior to using it to power any inverter. The GTIL2 automatically starts to gradually lower its output as the total battery voltage gets closer and closer to the inverters total battery LVD. This is to prevent cutting off DC abruptly under high load. So if the battery and its individual cells are close to LVD then the inverter shouldn’t be at high output because it should already be at a lower output. This should prevent damage to the inverter. As long as the battery is adequately sized and balanced so that drastic individual cell or total battery voltage drop is prevented
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On the GTIL topic - can 2 positive and 2 negative inputs be applied to each inverter terminal? I am thinking PV 75v max and battery 53v max as they both fall within the GTIL's voltage parameters or does it have to go through a Solar Charge Controller and battery first as per my current setup?
Sorry if it's a stupid question - I am thinking the GTIL's unused power would come from whichever had the higher voltage and flow accordingly - into the battery during sunlight hours and from battery at night - kind of automatic?
if you use solar panels the inverters built in mppt will be utilized so no you can’t connect batteries and solar panels to the inverter input at the same time. One or the other
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