Redoing My Electrical With Lithium the Right Way, Some Questions


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Oct 31, 2020
Hi All!

My AGM Batteries ate it when I left my van unattended for 3 weeks. Sorry if my questions aren't worded perfectly, relatively new to designing electrical systems.

I bought 2x 100 AMP SOK batteries. They are different physical size then the AGM so I'm taking the time to redesign my electrical the right (and safe) way. I have a 2000 watt inverter. Some thoughts and questions, would love your input:

1) CABLING: I realized my 0 gauge cable was aluminum clad. So I would like to purchase pure copper prelugged 0-2 cables (or purchase a low gauge crimper!) for connection between:
the batteries in parallel, battery+ to blue seas isolation switch, switch to inverter+, battery- to 500 amp shunt, shunt to vehicle chases, shunt to inverter- .

Any recommendations on cabling source? Ideally something without a large lead time. I didn't include connection to a busbar because my 12v system doesn't need new cabling as the amperage isn't as high.


-I possess a terminal Blue Seas Mega fuse. Should this be attached to the battery post? Is this overkill since these batteries have a BMS?
-What fuse should be used between the isolation switch and the inverter? An inline fuse would make cabling more work, can I use a terminal fuse right on the switch?
-In general, do you all recommend a fused bus bar? (I understand a complete diagram would be needed to see whether it would be advantageous in my situation, but I'm asking more generally, since the only one I seem to find is the victron, and its poorly reviewed on Amazon. The lynx is well received but rather expensive. )
-Bus Bar recommendations?

Thank you all!


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Nov 4, 2020
What are you going to run on 12 volts that needs 500 amps? Your inverter will pull max 250 amp when it spikes and around 180 max constant.

I think AWG 0 will be plenty and 0/2 will be overkill.

I buy my AWG 0 cables at Knukonceptz, they are 99.99% copper, fine stranded, and tinned. Been using this for decades, including some car audio builds with amps pulling some serious power.

I use separate fuses. I bought the bus bars Will suggested:

Get the industrial / hydraulic crimper tool:

And while you are on Amazon, gets some matching pure copper ring terminals and shrink tubing.