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Will Prowse

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Sep 19, 2019
Las Vegas
This functionality was removed due to bad behavior from a few members over a year ago. It is being reinstated, but use it responsibly.

On this forum in the past, full grown adults would throw temper tantrums about lead acid vs. lithium or soldering vs. crimping, would get very angry during the discussion, and then they would edit their original posts when they realized they were wrong. Or they would delete the content of their post and replace it with a period or curse words. If childlike behavior like this occurs, I will delete your entire account and you will not get a second chance to redeem yourself. This also includes name calling or personal attacks (then using the edit function to remove what was said). I will not waste my time and other members because you cannot handle a healthy discussion.

Editing a past post is warranted if you wish to make an update or a clarification. A practical use case is for safety related clarification, or adding other variables to a position that you may not have considered while writing the post. Or if you wish to add a project update, or more pictures to a post etc.

Enjoy the power to edit the past. But use it wisely.

And please report any abuse of this function.
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