Renogy 100ah battery. Best charge controller


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Oct 19, 2020
I have a teardrop trailer and recently started upgrading the electrical. New power center,(LFP compatible), 100ah LFP smart battery with monitor screen from Renogy, replaced my rigid eclipse suitcase with a bluetti sp120( lighter smaller more power and higher voc) with a plan to add a second next summer. I know from calcs that 20a is too close to the capacity limit for 2 panels so looking for a 30A charge controller.
First thoughts were Renogy Rover 30A or Rover elite 40A but can't get either quickly. Looked at the SNRE seems to be the exact same as the Rover or Rich Solar. Also looking at the Victron 100/30 smart solar.

Question. I read on the victron site there could be compatibility issues with non tested batteries and Renogy is not listed. Anyone have any experience with the Victron on Renogy batteries? Anything I should know?

Thanks in advance