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Renogy 2000W inverter, error code 05 and 99


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Feb 15, 2023
Snohomish WA 98290
Installed a Renogy 2000w pure sine wave inverter/charger in my son-in-law's RV to replace the converter. Used 2/0 cables from the batteries, with a 200 amp fuse and shut off switch in line. AC power to the Renogy from the main panel (30 amp breaker) and AC out from the Renogy to a sub panel(30a breaker). ( both 10ga) Grounded the case of the Renogy to the chassis. Turned it on (battery power - low voltage and it wouldn't start up) Started the RV and got 13.6VDC at the batteries, and the Renogy came to life, with 13.6VDC at the inputs to the inverter. Ran the roof air, and then the microwave. Both ran fine. Turned the RV off and switched to shore power, all worked as expected. Buttoned things up and started driving the coach back to SIL's house. About 10 minutes later, a warning beep comes from the Renogy. Error code 05 "Output Short Circuit". Shut it down. Waited a couple of minutes. Restarted, seemed fine, but within 3 minutes, same code, 05. Shut it down. Let sit for 20 minutes. Restarted, error code 99 "Inverter Fail To Slow Start". Same code on reboot.

I've sent renogy this information along with photos they requested and multi meter readings from the DC inputs. I was supposed to get a call today from tech support, but nada.

Anyone have any ideas?
I'd refer to the user guide for the error codes and possible suggestions ... if no obvious answer there, then:

and other google'd sources for the issue(s).

for example, one such user guide tells me that "err 05" seems to be temperature got too high, so you may have to review the install location and/or improve air flow? err 99 is a bit more cryptic, so I'd google the entire error description for it.

Hope this helps ...
50 shades. The manual gives no info whatsoever on solving the code issues - simply states what they mean. I've done an exhaustive internet search, nothing. The 05 high temp code is a "warning" code. Mine was the 05 error code.

Finally got to talk to "tech support" at Renogy today. She could not provide me any possible causes for either code, simply what the code means. So much for tech support. Their solution; "Send it in and we'll test it. If it proves faulty, well send you a new one. It if tests okay, we'll send it back to you, charging you(me) for the shipping." 7 - 10 business days turnaround. That doesn't work for my trip this weekend.

My solution, buy another one from Amazon and install it. Send the broken one back to amazon for a refund.

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