Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating


Solar Enthusiast
So have you sorted out what happens when it's dark/no solar and your batteries get colder than -20c? In theory the Renogy shuts down. No discharge ! Nothing will work. I have a small RV that needs power to run my blower for the furnace. If the battery get's to -21, I have no heat. Can't start the generator as I need battery to start.
This could be a bit dicey. I haven't hit - 20oC yet. Your only hope is that you're pulling at least 4 amps from the panels in the sun, the charge controller would be running on solar panels only at this point, which is not good for some controllers.

I'm finding that this battery pulls 4 amps when it tries to check to see if there is enough current to start the heaters. If the current is not enough it turns off, tries again later. I'm trying to find out how often it does it and for how long, because there are days where my panels can't even pull 4 amps due to clouds, snow, ice.

What could happen and I'm only guessing this, is that when you're at -20 and your charge controller is running off the panels only, the battery will do it it's 4 amp check for current, and your only hope is that the sun is shining at that time.