REPT 280ah damage during shipping, OK to use?


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Hi, I'm new here I recently order 8 no 280AH REPT cells with studs from Jackie at Exliporc New Energy. The entire process has been smooth from the start, 16 days from the first contact to having the batteries sat here with me, delivered DDP. The only problem I have is one of the parcels containing 4 cells has been dropped upside down on the top of the cells. The studs pierced the foam and the cardboard box, and in the process, it has slightly pushed the terminals into the top of the cell and also caused the cell side to swell below the impact area.

If they work and are safe then I am happy to keep them. What do you think, will they be OK and safe?

I would have refused the delivery, however, the local courier managed to deliver to the wrong person and address. I managed to track the parcel down by which time it was too late to refuse the delivery.

And one cell has been put together wrong, the black top plate has been installed reversed, the terminal marked positive, is the neg terminal - not too worried as it was obvious when I tested the cells with the multimeter.


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Making sure you can refuse delivery upon receipt is the most important part of the purchase process. I would push back on anyone saying you can’t, regardless of the situation. I’d also video the unpacking as well as photos of the damaged package.