Resting voltage?

Cathy smith

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I just purchased two 200 ah batteries. They want to rest about 13.7-8 after charging to 14. Is that common?
Thank you


Offgrid Cabineer, N.E. Ontario, Canada
Yes, that is perfectly normal.
The Overall Maximum voltage range of a "12V" LFP battery is 10.0V to 14.6V or 2.500-3.650 volts per cell X 4.
The Nominal Cells Voltage for LFP is 3.200. (12.8V).
The normal working Voltage Range is 3.000-3.400 (12V-13.6V). +/- 0.3V for BMS settings or cells quality/type.

LFP cells always settle after charging and reaching full. This is perfectly normal. Most charging will take the cells to 3.450-3.475 and allow the cells to saturate, meaning taking in as much as possible to "top them off", then once charging stops, the cells will settle down a slight bit as they balance out between themselves inside the battery.

Hope it helps, Good Luck.