REVO II 5,5Kw / EASUN IGRID VE II 5,5KW work only in on grid mode


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Hello I just resive my Easun Revo II inverter with CT sensor .I connect it by the schematic diagram from the manual.I don't have battery and I want to use it only In on grid mode.I trying all settings but the inverter is still feed power to the grid Wich I don't want.How can I adjust the wright settings. Thanks in advance.


Might be worth searching the forum for "REVO II", there are multiple threads about this type of inverter.


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Something else in idle the inverter is consuming around 1A in idle from the grid without solar panels without any load . That's are 230W .
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helllo @Evgeny84,

i'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish.
it looks like you want to use the on/óff grid inverter as a grid tied system.

in that situation, you bought the wrong product.

1A is probably the lowest measurement from the CT meter.
my 3 x 3200 watt Revo II have each about 50w own consumption.
I have no grid, so i can not tell how much it will use on grid.
easy way to tell is feel the heat when it tells you its using 1A... 230 watt is a lot of heat.

I know that my numbers are off, MPPT is showing 5000 watt solar, my Ammeter shows 4500W.
that matches also better with the rest of the numbers in the display, and i cant not feel 500 watt being lost on heat.

remember, energy can not come from nothing or disappear.
Usually electric power unaccounted for is lost via heat, that can occur due resistance, or ...
well many options :)

if you put 5000 watt in, and total readings are under 4500, you should feel a lot of hot air.
while 230 watt isnt 500, it still enough to heat up significant!

please provide a drawing on how you are planning to use the Revo II, and what you expect the behavior to be.

Off grid, the battery less operation works great, for smaller loads.
starting my electric 2000 watt pump wont work, taking smaller steps from 500-1000 watt up to 3000 watt, is not a problem, as lomng as there is enough solar production.
it does have a buffer battery, not one capable of buffering 2000 watt.