Roof fed water system with 12 volt pump through option


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Jul 2, 2021
It rains a lot in the UK so why not use that water?

I bought white plastic edging costing £7, glued it to the van roof edge. leaving 2 spaces for a guide. one on the front and one at the rear. on the left side.

Bought 2 downpipe connection that has an overflow connection 7 quid each. black Flexi pipe £15. Bought a UV and filter system, £175.

Pipes leading to the 20-micron filter where a pipe is connected to the vans water pipe. The tank is self-levelling so I never need to stop the water.

Before the pump is a 12 volt UV tube system and is then pipes to anywhere in the van.

I only use the UV light for drinking water like when making bottle drinks, for extra taste I use a Brita water filter. otherwise, the UV is off. I don't use it for cooking, showers and washing.

this system has been in use for 3 years now. when 50% heavy rain, the system can manage half a pint every 20 seconds. with heavy rainfall, the filter maxes out as the system is gravity fed which is almost a pint every 30 seconds. constant heavy rain will do I guess 400 lt or more a day. it fills the 80 lt tank in about 2-3 hours ish.

For dry spells, the system can pump river or stream water from outside via a pipe connected to a 12-volt water pump.

Its been one of my favourite parts of the motorhome, love going to streams and fetching water.

Now looking into LED UV water meant.