Rooftop Solar on the Australian Grid


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Solar contributed 36%, including 30% from rooftop.
Does the utility network have a way to command curtailment by rooftop PV? Or something like pumped hydro to store excess?
Or, are they able to accept whatever solar produces and adjust coal/gas power plant output accordingly?

I think California once reached 50% solar, one sunny spring day with mild weather.

You have 19% wind. Some US regions (Oregon) have had to idle wind turbines when grid didn't need the power.


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Wind and solar farms are curtailed all the time. Coal ramps down/up as it can but that has limits. At the time of that 60% mark there would have been a lot of solar and wind farm curtailment.

Rooftop is basically a free for all, with the main control being limits on system sizes and how much power a system may export. A typical per phase limit for export is 5kW but it varies by distribution zone. Increasingly some centralised control of rooftop solar PV is being introduced and new inverter standards now apply in the state of SA where their grid for the whole year averages 60% renewable (no hydro). It will give the ability for export/production to be dialled back during times of extremely low grid demand. The quid pro quo is they are permitting those homes to have a much larger system and higher export limit which will be more useful during most of the year when solar production is lower. It's how they are going to get even more renewables into the grid - by enabling rooftop curtailment when needed, as well as grid scale management.