Safely selecting less noisy replacement inverter fans


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I bought the new GoWise 1500 watt pure sin wave inverter and it works well, except the cooling fans are super loud when they cycle on (which happens even if I'm only pulling a 250 watt load). That's going to keep waking me up at night.

I opened up the unit and disconnected the fans, but that seems a little risky. I want to replace them --I purchased super quiet ones and tried them out. They're super quiet! But also hardly push any air, and I'm concerned that I'll damage the unit or in the worst case, start a fire.

I emailed GoWise to ask them the fan specifications and they told me they don't know so they can't help! I can't believe they don't know the specifications of their own unit, but that's the situation. There are no markings or labels on the fans.

I'm sure I"m not the only one who's tried this out -- any suggestions for a minimum airflow value in CFM units for a 1500 watt inverter? There are two fans side by side. Or if there's a better way to quiet the thing down, I'm happy to hear that, too.

Thanks for any tips