Sailboat upgrade


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Mar 9, 2022
Hello Everyone,
Long time lurker and finally jumping in with a full system upgrade. current system is 8 LA batteries in 2 banks and 1 starter group 24, currently lifeline 2k inverter charger and Mppt 30 amp for 2X175 watt panels. . I am not sure how they are all wired and charged currently as I am starting just getting out of winter hibernation.
1 (4x6v)bank is very close to the engine and the other is about 15 ft forward of that, this is where the switch for the windlass and Bow thruster is.

I am waiting on 8, 280amp Lifepo4 cells with 2X 200 bms by JBD. 3k multiplus, cerbo, and new 100/30 mppt. all victron with smart shunt. also have 4kw genny.

Curious if I should just remove the alternator from the equation and only have it charge the start battery(s) as its only a small 70 amp at best . If I did this I would like to just have 2 AGMs where the current bank is forward, and then use existing cabling for coming back to the starter, thus the 2 AGMs. I may even add a DC to DC.

this would then able me to have the 560 amp hour house bank close to the multi, the multi also has an echo charge built in to charge the starter. Curious if the parameters can be different for the 2 battery types with the victron multi?

also has anyone connected a cerbo to a raymarine axiom ?


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Nov 14, 2021
The Victron echo charge only works while it's on AC, and it's a pretty basic charger.

On my boat, I'm ignoring its existence, and instead using a DC->DC charger to keep my starter battery topped up. My main battery (2p4s of 230AHr cells) is charged directly by the Multiplus, a couple of small solar panels (mostly to keep up with the monitoring electronics), and the 85A alternator I'm grafting onto my engine.

That said, otherwise it's a smaller setup as I don't have an electric windlass or bow thruster to power.