Sanity check my aliexpress/alibaba lifepo4 shopping list


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Jun 3, 2021
Like many other forum members I am looking to buy some 280AH LiFePO4 cells from Aliexpress or Alibaba to make my own 280AH 12v battery for a camper van to replace my ageing AGM.
Before I actually buy anything I just want someone to sanity check my shopping list and tell me if I’m missing anything or if these sellers look suspect:

4PCS VariCore 3.2V 280Ah
(I was linked to this seller from Will Prowse’s site

I was also considering these EVE cells from ‘Shenzhen Luyuan Technology’ on Alibaba.
I found the following link on the forum and other members have recommended this seller.
4pcs EVE 3.2V 280AH

For a BMS I am considering a Daly Smart BMS (Lifepo 4S BT 80A)
This is the listing on the official Daly Store
- Does everything here look ok?
- Should I stick will a 80A BMS or is there any reason to upgrade/downgrade? (I am in Australia and during summer there will be multiple day where the temperature will get to 40C. I’m planning on putting a temp sensitive fan on the battery enclosure but I’m unsure if there is anything else I need to consider)
- If my max discharge will be ~40A should I just use the busbars that are provided, or should I purchase something different?

About my setup:

My maximum draw on the battery bank at any one time would probably be ~40A max. (Laptop 7A, Ebike charger 24A, fridge, lights, usb, etc.. 9A)
I already have everything setup and currently use a 280AH AGM battery. This AGM battery was bought used and is a few years old. On a previous capacity test I was able to get ~130AH from it.
So I really just need to create a battery and drop it in. My DC-DC charger (Renogy 40A DC-DC) will support lifepo4 as will my solar charge controller (Renogy 20A MPPT).
I don’t really ever connect to shore power.