Scamazon Warehouse - Solar controller shoppers beware


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I did shop at Frys, but I preferred Microcenter especially for PCs. Microcenter closed their Santa Clara location, still has one in Southern California.
Frys, I did a return then my card was used (with info I only gave to that store for that transaction) for somebody's online transactions.

I remember when DRAM in the Fry's newspaper ad dipped below $100 per megabyte!

I bought my first thumb drive when it could hold 500 MB. That had been the capacity of a multi-platter 14" removable disk in a hard drive the size of a small washing machine at HP. Story was some guys wrote programs to walk the drives around computer room floor by commanding a sequence of seeks.
Microcenter is awesome! I used to live near one I Northern VA. They had a returned / used / old stock shelf that had some really good deals. I only paid about $1 per megabyte for my first thumb drive, what a steal!


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I had no idea Fry’s closed. My comment was more on buying a returned ‘open box’ drive than any criticism of Fry’s. It was my toy store for years, looking, playing and dreaming of things in the brick’n’mortar days. The Manhattan Beach, Ca store was previously a Polynesian themed restaurant and much of the kitch was still intact- tikis, a center koi pond garden area, tiki torch lighting. I still remember one snowy night on the Oregon Coast seeing a Fry’s ad with a 40GB hard drive for only $80! On the road 90 miles over an icy mountain pass, buying it and getting home sometime after midnight. No more floppy drives, Zip drive, SCSI Mac connections. I was stylin!
RIP Fry’s. You captured the imagination of a generation.
I have a house in Lake Tahoe and one of the brothers who started Fry's also has a house there. Went to a party a few years ago, where he was there, and we talked about Fry's. He was stating that they needed to get a larger online presence going. As I was listening to him say this, I could tell he realized they had missed the boat.


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I have bought lot of stuff from Amazon Warehouse including an electric gate controller that was half price. It was brand new but somebody returned it. Probably realized install was above their skill level.

I would not buy solar controllers though or anything electronic.