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Seplos sent the wrong Mason unit, mediation stranded

I don't see the point in explaining it here really, but basically a stackable box with 200A version 3.0 Seplos BMS + active balancer (either Seplos's own or the Neey that EEL ships with) + busbars for "grade B" batteries. Preferably white, but I'll take black if I have to.
Eel I don't think have moved over to seplos 3.0 BMS. The stackable box is in black from what I recall. The stackable box can have a jk bms that has an active balancer. I personally use a eel kit using a seplos 2.0 BMS and neey 4amp balancer that is secured to inside case but mine is stand up.
White stackable is available as the v4 kit comes with a breaker switch but not 3.0 BMS. Still 2.0 BMS version.
Why the demand for the seplos 3.0 BMS curious on asking have you got one already.
there seems to be a problem with communications between the Seplos BMS v2 and v3, that Seplos are supposedly aware of ... just a heads up if anyone is thinking of adding additional storage (as i am) ....
Stick with the V2/10E version if you can, and why so keen on a high current active balancer ?
I am running 2 sets of grade B cells and the BMS is doing fine....except I do have 1 cell that is always consistently 20-40mv lower. The balancer can't do anything about that though.
Have a look at this battery box, good service from Jason. Similar but different to the EEL box.
Updated the original post as well, this will probably be my last update on this thread. Let it serve as a warning.

Update 2024-01-10:
After four weeks of excruciatingly slow communication back and forth with both Seplos and Alibaba's trade assurance dispute handler the conclusion is that I won't be getting any money back and I won't be able to return the product. The closest to a "return" they could come up with is that I ship the product to another customer, who then gets a discount from Seplos because it's technically a used unit. Meanwhile, I would get nothing.

I made careful copies of all conversations, filed a chargeback request with Nets (MasterCard's "handler" in Finland, or whatever) as a last resort. I have very low hopes of ever being able to get a single cent back.

Lessons learned:

  • no matter how careful you are when ordering something on Alibaba, there is a possibility that the seller will simply screw up and send you the wrong shit anyway
  • you will have no recourse
  • Alibaba will not help you, tell everyone to go fuck themselves immediately and file a chargeback request.
I have linked this discussion to them to show how indescribably mad I am at their abysmal customer service.
I would say the unit would still be classed as new they wouldn't give a discount on it for next buyer as they won't want to loose money. Did you not have a buyer lined up for it so you wouldn't be out money. You were just needing to arrange a new order from someone.
They explicitly said they'd give a discount to whoever I would be shipping it to. I tried to explain to them that I can't possibly sell it locally for full retail price and that's why I wanted a discount. Trust me, I've been talking with these people for over four weeks, I've tried every conceivable angle to reach a resolution.
Still willing to pay the same price you paid to get it delivered to me. If you can assist with it.
Go to nkon in .NL, they'll help you out. Failing that, shipment from the UK to Europe is a piece of piss, I do it everyday. Go to Fogstar, they'll definitely take care of you.
Sorry to hear about your troubles Jalle19 this is the first I have heard of alibaba forcing you to be come a shipping agent for the company that scammed you.

Hopefully master card will step in and force them to do the right thing.

Keep a copy of all the communication and send it to mastercard and no matter what you do, do not cancel the dispute.

I also recommend NKON unlike alibaba they will follow the EU rules and regulations, you may pay more but the bs of alibaba worth the savings, I think not.

Like you I got burned on cells, no return, no recourse, alibaba ruled in favor of the scammers at xuba. I foolishly paid with bank transfer because I wanted to save on transaction fees so there was nothing I could do.

Never agian.