Several questions about charging Battleborn and EcoFlow in my camper


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Mar 27, 2021
This is my first post and I apologize for the extended length. Reading through the whole thing first may be most helpful. Here goes:

I have a 2017 Nucamp 320 teardrop camper and recently swapped my lead-acid battery for a 12v 100 ah Battleborn Battery (BB). We do not camp using electric camping sites, so I only use 12v BB for “house” power (old school Norcold absorption fridge that primarily runs on propane, very infrequent use of water pump, and the occasional use of exhaust fan/light on a rheostat to adjust speed to yield minimal effective use).

I am using two portable Zamp solar panels in parallel (90 plus 45) with their own PWM controllers to charge the BB when camping. I also have an EcoFlow River Pro (RP) “solar generator” for powering devices such as phones, cameras, and a Ridgid hybrid fan using the RP inverter. It has 720 watt capacity and I believe a 28 v lithium battery.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Can I charge my RP by plugging it’s car charger input directly into the camper’s 12 v car charger output? I don’t believe the camper’s AC to DC converter of the camper would be involved but I am not sure and don’t know if it is a concern. I have charged my EcoFlow from my 150 yeti and it worked fine, but introducing it through the camper raises questions. Alternatively, is it possible to charge the RP from the Battleborn simply using alligator clips to appropriate input connector? I assume the RP has an internal DC to DC converter, given it has a higher voltage battery than the BB.

2) If charging the RP via the camper’s car charger connections works, when Solar charging the BB, can I also solar charge my RP when my BB is topped off (if that ever happens!)? Will the charge controllers “see” the status of the connected RP?

3) If I am unable to charge the RP in the above way, or just to have options, I was planning to splice SAE connectors between the portable Zamp solar panels and their controllers and directly charge my RP using it’s internal MPPT controller. In order to minimize buying and carrying extra cable, I thought I might use SAE connectors for splicing so that I can use my current Zamp SAE connectors (I would ensure appropriate polarity given Zamp does use the enclosed pin for positive). Does this sound reasonable?

4) For solar charging the BB, the output from my two Zamp panel PWMs are in parallel. The newer 90 watt panel controller has a lithium charge profile option and, of course, I will set it to that. However, the 45 watt panel does not have a lithium output option, but does have GEL and AGM charge profile options and I plan on using the AGM profile (highest voltage option). When back home or as necessary, I will use my NOCO Genius 10 to top off the BB. At this point, I monitor my BB SOC with a multimeter. Does all this seem OK?

Thanks in advance for input on these questions. I do hope my descriptions/questions are clear.