Shenzhen Basen & Docan Quotes

Just John

Photon Sorcerer
Aug 15, 2020

Sorry for the sarcasm, but if you wanted to research cells and vendors you are on the correct forum. Another common newby misconception is that putting the cells together and letting them sit for a week in some way "balances" the cells. Trust me, it might seem logical that it does, but with this chemistry it does not. Frequently people complain about runaway cells and say they've top balanced because someone on YouTube or another forum said all you had to do was parallel the cells for a week. Anyway, why you want to top balance:

And how to top balance (I recommend the "use a BMS" and charge, then parallel method):

Don't worry about Basen until you receive the cells, probably about 80 to 90% of their orders have no problems, and real grade A cells that are matched aren't required for solar storage. Lower C rates (how quickly you charge and discharge) is much better on the cells, unlike automotive use (high C rates).