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Signature Solar has been great


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Dec 7, 2023
Central Kansas
I’m only making this post because I feel like I have seen allot of negative on here in regards to SS I felt that I should share my good experience.

From the moment I first contacted SS my experience has been great. I had the unfortunate experience of getting to deal with basically all of their departments. From system design, ordering, shipping, tech support, management and the resolution department.

In the process of working with tech support a honest mistake was made by the tech helping me and my $9k generator was fried. I stayed calm and let the situation play out. I was quickly passed to management where I feel they went above and beyond. They had me send in photos and videos and took statements to document what happened and within a week we had agreed to a resolution. They have maintained communication and have always responded within 12 hours to any email I have sent. I originally had anxiety about the situation because i thought i was going to get jerked around but honestly it was the complete opposite. The immediately took ownership. I hope anyone who reads this understands that most people are very quick to point out the bad experiences but most of the good ones go unnoticed.
I've placed 9 orders, between March and December of this year. Total just a bit more than $40K. No complaints and customer service has been great. Sometimes there is a wait to get an answer, but many times I get right to a person and get my answer. I've had them have to research and get back to me on some topics, and every time have done just that.
I’ve ordered from signature six times in the last year and a half, and the experience has been great.

Two orders included panels. The packing was fine, but I had a damaged one (no way to protect against poor fork lift drivers except armor) once, and credit was fast and easy.

They were also good about returning an item I didn’t really need but had ordered in my ignorance.

Email is definitely the best way to communicate with them. And me.
I ordered a 6500EX inverter (and IMO disconnect) from them last October and received the order within a couple weeks. It's been running full time since April of this year with no issues since I hooked it up to the ground mount array I built.

And last month I ordered a Lifepower4 battery and a 200A DC breaker and received them ten days after ordering. When I needed shipping info on the battery I sent them an email to their engagement address and was contacted quickly. They sent me a tracking number from R&L which gave me timely updates.

After the battery shipped, SS contacted me to check in on the order, I said it was shipped without incident and had just hooked it up and everything was working fine. That was over a month ago and the system is running well.

As been mentioned before, if someone orders something and nothing bad happens, they're likely to not comment on it. I'd imagine Sig Solar gets the lion's share of solar power business, so there's going to be some difficulties, and those should be made aware of. But as far as I'm concerned I've been pleased with their products and support.
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I purchased a EG4 18Kw pv inverter about 7 months ago and it's been in operation for about 6 months now. I'm not the type of person to usually comment publicly on a product or vender, but I believe I have to in this case.

In my opinion the EG4 18Kw pv inverter is great. So easy to pickup and set the parameters, it's smart and does so many things, has great software (no surprises always works), easy software updates and compatible with a lot of aftermarket software and equipment, examples: solar assistant, many battery manufactures, BMS manufactures and much more. Lots of product information on the internet and solar forums. Very interesting reading what other owners are doing with inverter.

I didn't have much input about Signature Solar until two weeks ago. Yes there sales people were good and they had good help getting set up but really with no problems and such an easy inverter to use I didn't have much contact with them.
So I had a problem recently, battery wouldn't charge or discharge. My thoughts, something wrong with my BMS, inverter, or maybe communication or whatever.

I looked for the obvious problems, no luck. Well looks like Signature Solar needs a call so I can get tech support. I tried emailing a tech which helped me set up, never did get a reply back. So I tried calling, I thought this ain't going after a few calls. I found if I called early and waited on line for about 15 minutes it worked got through.

Keep in mind the following is my experience with Signature Solar and it is so different from what I've been reading. SS once I made initial contact with a tech was a very good experience. In fact so good I felt guilty not giving positive input. So this is it my input and a little summary of problem and SS's resolution.

So pinpointing problem (battery wouldn't charge or discharge) wasn't easy, not necessarily the inverter. I had to take a lot of pictures, videos and make many voltage and ohm tests. Lots of messaging, phone conversation, and different people I was involved with. Their final determination and resolution was shipping inverter back and shipping me a new inverter. I believe there is a short in DC buss, they said they want to check out this inverter never had anything like this. According to SS they don't have many problems with this inverter. I asked if they would let me know what the problem is and what caused it. So I'm waiting for that answer.
As a final note I would like to thank SS people who worked hard for me.​
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