Signature Solar Partnering With Schneider - EG4 Update Coming


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Dec 23, 2021
Sulphur Springs, TX
So as of this week, Signature Solar partnered with Schneider for distribution as an authorized retailer. One thing I just wanted to put out there from an EG4 perspective (because I know a ton of people are going to ask about it) is the batteries Signature Solar is known for and how they work with Schneider. We have worked with Schneider and Signature Solar for the last several months on this and we are continuing to work with them to achieve closed loop communications. Additionally - we have spent a good amount of time testing product compatibility from a use case perspective with no issues. This is pretty huge that a small, local company run by a family is partnering with such a well known and highly regarded company like Schneider. There has been great momentum in the industry so this is a great move and moving towards a more integrated future.


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May 3, 2021
Hello Richard

Great.. you are helping me decide who's AC coupled inverter to buy.

Is there any risk of my local building inspector (Southeast Pa).. giving me grief over installing your batteries, and a schnieder AC coupled inverter? My array is around 10Kw so I need to be careful about over powering the AC coupled input, and am still learning about how to do that.

Will be making a road trip to Texas soon, and would like to pick up some batteries from your location, but don't want to buy, and then get told that they don't meet local code, and I cannot use them.

We all know "the inspector is always right".

Assume it is "no issue" and I have an email to my local codes guy (inspector) with links to confirm in writing before I buy, but would like your feedback as well. (You sell all over the country).

Update: Got a reply from my local inspector , and his feedback was that any device that is "UL listed" is ok to install. So I believe I am good to go.

Thanks for what you guys do.
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May 26, 2022
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Any update on when this will be available?. If conext insight could SOC and control, that would be incredible .